ComputingABDN covers what’s happening in the computing department at the University of Aberdeen, focusing on software development, innovation, and entrepreneurship as well as on teaching and learning experiences.

Students and professionals can read and write posts discussing specialist software-related issues that we hope can be useful in their career path, which is made of learning, development, and analysis activities.

Would-be students can find information on our MSc programmes, learn what our students are doing and possibly decide why Aberdeen University might be the place where to get a better qualification for the competitive real world we live in.

The content is here to help you decide the possible paths you could take to your further studies. You’ll find information about what we can do to help you with your idea and its implementation. The materials we provide are part of our programme. You can also attend one of our events to find out more.working on startup idea

You could be doing a degree, or working and want to change direction. Maybe it’s about the adventure of the journey you can experience doing an MSc too. The magic of the dream.

We’re here to help you do that with some help and advice, which we’ve found works for others. If you want to get in touch, then email us at enquiries@computingabdn.com.

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