Tools for digital marking from folks

The nice folks at have posted a good review of what works for them in digital marketing on Medium.

Five essential tools for small digital marketing  teams

I like the piece as it provides the basics from which you can quickly find your feet and then move on to other things as you grow. It’s also nice as Kate was a speaker at our Northern Lights conference last October, and has also spoken at TechMeetup Aberdeen for us a long time ago too.

Easy ways to make a million

There is an interesting discussion in Quora about ‘What are some easy ways to make a million dollars?‘ The best answer, I think, is the one pointing out that you can do this by setting up a service you offer to others for $83/month. As soon as you hit 1000 customers you have your million. Sure, this isn’t your money to do with as you please, as you’ll need to pay expenses and overheads, but it does show that it’s achievable. More importantanly, it shows that it is repeatable. This million will keep coming each year as long as you keep your customers, and will also increase as you grow your customer base too.

Discussing ideas at Northern Lights 2013, University of AberdeenHappily in the digital era this is not too hard to do. You just need to find a service you can provide, which people are willing to pay for at a reasonable sum, and to set it up to look after itself. You probably have the tech skills, so just need some help with finding and developing your idea, and there are lots of places where you can find help with that. What are you waiting for?