Your Spin Out becomes Startups Explained

We began this blog in order to help people get their business started. At the time we were eager to start doing something. We picked the name and ran with it. We could see the logic of the name for what we wanted to do; helping people spin out their ideas into something that is tangible and real. Stop talking and start doing. We also realised that whatever we do is an ongoing process and that we’d need to stop, think and realign our approach as we learned more about what we’re doing and where we wanted to be working. It’s an ongoing adventure as a startup of our own and we need to eat our own dog food as the saying goes: live what we preach, use our example to teach others. The upshot is that we made a small mistake. The name isn’t quite right for what we want to do and the brand we want to promote.

It all goes back to Deming and the PDCA cycle: plan, do, check, act and repeat… Continuous improvement would be another way to look at it. As long as we make regular checks on what we’re doing, then that’s fine. As long as we do small increments, then we’ll never make big mistakes and it will all be ok.

Presenting ideas at Play4Agile

A mistake is ok. Woohoo! It’s a learning opportunity. We realised belatedly that in order to fit in with other parts of our organisation so that we can use this as an umbrella concept for all of us, that we’d have to do too much ‘translating’ between what people expect from the phrase ‘your spin out’ and how we use the phrase. This would not be good, and would lead to confusion with mixed messages. So goodbye ‘’ and hello ‘’ (and too).

The new name ’’ will work well as a place for people to learn about startups. We’ll be providing information about startups as well as more specifically those startups based around software. As you can see from our pinterest pages our main emphasis is on personal development for founders and others in startups, service design tools and processes, agile software development and general start up tools useful to any new business.

So come follow us on the journey as we explain startups. Even better, feel free to join the conversation we’re offering.

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