Are you a Coder or Developer?

When we learn to code we do so for different reasons. Those presumably change some over time as we learn more about development work and develop our own coding skills. If you’re wanting to be someone who codes and is also an entrepreneur; someone who can also spin out an idea into a business, then you want to end up as a developer according to Scott Hanselman, who looked at the ‘why’ you want to learn to code side of the issue.

For Hanselman identified some crucial aspects about ‘why’ you want to code, which could help or hinder your entreprenurial ideas. He noted that there is the important ‘talk to humans’ aspect, which some people don’ t like to do. This is the classic image of the person in the basement coding away on their own. However, if you want to spin out your idea into a business, then you really do need to talk to people.

You need to be able to listen and learn, while also talking when required with you colleagues, or potential customers and investors. You can’t sit at home, even if you’re building a web app. You still need to talk to others about your idea and how you can best realise the idea. Also, at some point you’ll want to get another person or two on your team as well. This could be graphic artists, or business minded folks. You’ll need to speak to them. So, the long and short of it is that you need to become comfortable speaking to people. Everything works better that way.

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