Mentors Wanted

We are looking for mentors to help each team with their business idea. We believe that mentors will help student teams in a number of ways. First, they’ll help evaluate what the team is doing and how it is doing this with regular monthly meetings. These sessions are an opportunity for the team to explain the business idea to a supportive person, who can evaluate their processes to validate their business idea and what they are doing. Second, the mentor will be able to offer suggestions about who they should speak to, and what they should be considering doing to validate their business assumptions. Mentors are people who know people and can offer introductions and understanding of different businesses so have useful knowledge to help our teams.

mentors wanted
Third, the mentor will be there to offer wisdom based on their own experience. Our mentors will be business owners and entrepreneurs from a variety of relevant backgrounds. Mentors will have lots of experience following similar paths growing their businesses to those our students will also need to travel, and the mentors will be there to help them along the way and watch the business idea grow together.

If this sounds like you, and you believe in helping others get their business started, then this is your chance to help. All we ask is a meeting a month at your convenience, plus the chance to participate in a few other event during the year as and when you can. If you would like to be a mentor on the programme, or just want to know more, then please email us at to start the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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