Foreign students staying on after the masters degree

Applying to the MSc Software Entrepreneurship programme as a foreign student is fine. We want foreign students as they bring diversity of ideas and concepts to the programme. Foreign students bring different perspectives and approaches and mix with others to create novel solutions. This is useful for startups.

If you’re an EU resident, then there is no problem involved and you are treated the same as if you were applying to do a degree in your home country. If you’re a non-EU resident, then this is more challenging, but not impossible and you’ll find all of the help and advice you need to apply in the university pages for international students.

The more interesting part what happens after you start the degree and your business. At this point you have a deadline and a target. You want to be eligible to stay on after the official finish of the degree in August until at least graduation in November. The ‘graduate entrepreneur visa’ for international students offers 1000 visas a year. Not many apply for these according to a report in the Times Higher Education, so it should be possible to manage this for our international students as a goal. This has now been raised to 2000 places according to the UKBA site.

business ideas

Unlike most students applying for this status, you’ll not have to ‘do your studies’ AND ‘work on your business’, because with the MSc Software Entrepreneurship your ‘business is your study’. While here on a student visa you’re not allowed to work, or start a business. However, you will be part of a team, and we’ll aim to set up teams so that there is always someone on the team, who can start the business. We are also exploring ways to ensure that student’s ideas are held in a suitable manner so that you don’t lose out while the rest of the team proceed with the idea. We want you to come here and help you develop your big idea and start your future.

We can help you reach the required points as part of your business development process so that you can apply in plenty of time for this visa and extend your stay to see your business grow. We can not guarantee that you will qualify, but we will help you to reach the goals required as best we can so that you have the best possible chances to qualify and extend your stay and grow your business while here.

Note: This post was updated 20 December 2013 following discussions with staff familiar with UKBA requirements and will be updated again further when we know more about this situation. If you have any specific questions, then please get in touch with us via the ‘About‘ page.

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